Room Appointments

For room appointment days I charge $80/hour with a minimum of $600/day. I am willing to see dogs, cats, rodents, lizards, and turtles. (No snakes or birds). For high density booking (greater than 3 appointments an hour) there may be an additional charge. 

Surgery Day 

For surgery scheduling I charge $85/hour with a minimum of $700/day. I can be scheduled for dentals and extractions, mass removals and abdominal soft tissue surgery (spay/neuter, cystotomy, foreign-body, splenectomy, gastropexy, gastrotomy). I do not crop ears or declaw pets. I also don't do surgery my first time doing relief work for a clinic. This gives us both a chance to understand and agree upon standard of care and expectations. 


Emergency Services

If your clinic provides overnight on-call services for your clients, instead of an hourly rate I charge a flat rate of $1000/day. 

For relief at emergency clinics I charge an hourly rate of $100/hour with a minimum shift charge of $900.

Cancellation Policy

If you should need to cancel your booking for any reason, the following charges will accrue based on how far in advance you notify me of changes. Any booked travel expenses and housing that is not refundable will be the responsibility of the practice. The practice shall provide at least 45 days advance notice of cancellation of any service appointments listed in the services schedule.  If cancellation of a scheduled assignment is made less than 45 days in advance, the practice shall pay a fee of 50% of the contracted fees.  If cancellation of a scheduled assignment is made less than 21 days in advance, clients shall pay a fee of 75% of the contracted fees.  Notice of cancellation must be in writing.





Hours of Operation


Mon - Fri: 9am - 8pm

​​Saturday: 9am - 4pm

Area of Service


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